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About the game 

The Kingdom was betrayed... The chaos arose all over... My father was assassinated... My dear princess was taken away... The evil cast its shadow over the throne... Now... I am all alone to defend... I will not let my kingdom down... I will stand for my father's pride... I will defend my country... I am not  going to give up... I am the only hope...

"I am Prince of Droidia"

Prince of Droidia is a dynamic expressive game for smart phones. It can be downloaded from Android Market for Android phones. Its also coming soon for iPhone and iPad.

Get ready to indulge with this untold epic to shoulder  the pride of the prince, in the honor of Droidia, to enthrone eternal glory of this legendary kingdom and with the might to serve the kingdom of Droidia.

The tale lets you to be a part of endless adventures, unique scenarios, mystic creatures, terrifying bosses and  breathtaking game play.


Prince of Droidia takes up

          12 exciting levels
          100+ thrilling stages
          Facing numerous mystic creatures
          Terrific boss battles
          Tons of items to unlock
          Challenge your friends in Endless mode

Prince of Droidia assures endless gaming excitement, thrill, agony, pleasure and complete gaming satisfaction.